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Vojčík & Partners, s.r.o.

The law firm Vojčík & Partners was founded in 1991 in Košice by prof. JUDr. Peter Vojčík, CSc. He thus continued the legal tradition of the Vojčík family, whose roots go back to the period of First Czechoslovakia. Today, the network of law and patent offices is run by his son, JUDr. Leo Teodor Vojčík.

We provide our clients with a complete legal service at a high professional level.

We are especially proud of our knowledge, experience, but especially our results in the field of intellectual property law. It is said about us that we belong to the absolute top in Slovakia in the field of intellectual property.

The company’s headquarters are in Košice, with branches in Žilina and Bratislava.

As part of the alliance of law firms COLLEGIUM, we can provide our clients with direct legal support in the Czech Republic and Hungary with our colleagues Urban and Hejduk from Prague and Bitai Law Firm from Budapest.

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