We create an IT sector interconnection. We involve people, companies, schools and institutions.

About us

The Košice IT Valley cluster’s vision is to create regional partnerships of IT companies, educational institutions, and regional governments. These will contribute to the expansion and improvement of educational programs, creating a broad portfolio of job opportunities for the skilled workforce. Furthermore, the cluster is interested in developing a unified strategy for achieving prosperity in the region of eastern Slovakia, thus ensuring a gradual improvement in its inhabitants’ quality of life.

The Košice IT Valley cluster’s mission is to create a business-friendly environment supporting all forms of cooperation and innovation within the region of Eastern Slovakia, supporting the sustainability and competitiveness of IT companies worldwide. We also focus on creating and bringing job positions with higher added value to the region within individual entities’ cooperation. In this context, our mission is to support the range of training programs needed for these jobs and to motivate young people to study and work in IT and robotics. We consider it important to develop and implement a strategy for the knowledge economy and the information society, using the concept of “learning regions” and implementing digital ecosystems.

Our main goal is to create conditions for the development of the IT industry and improve the quality of life in Eastern Slovakia.

Our activities are focused on the following areas:

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation

During the years of operation of the cluster, education’s focus remains a priority, but the scope of the cluster itself has grown so much.  Innovation, science and research, cooperation within the cluster, or investment support have become an integral part of the cluster.