We create an IT sector interconnection. We involve people, companies, schools and institutions.

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If your organization is an IT company or a company that shares our values and is interested in cooperating in the development of the IT industry in eastern Slovakia, we will be happy if they become our members or observers.

The amount of membership fees for members – observers, full members and above-standard members – is determined as follows:


A business entity (Small (S) 1 – 49 employees, medium (M) 50 – 249 employees, large (L) 250 + employees)

Small: 500 EUR / year
Medium: 750 EUR / year
Large: 1,000 EUR / year
non-business entity: 250 EUR / year

Full member

business entity (Small (S) 1 – 49 employees, medium (M) 50 – 249 employees, large (L) 250 + employees)

Small: 1 000 EUR / year

Medium: 1,500 EUR / year

Large: 2,000 EUR / year

non-business entity: 500 EUR / year

Above standard membership categories

Silver member: 4 000 EUR / year
Gold member: 8000 EUR / year

In case of interest in membership, the applicant sends a written application, in Slovak and English, the content of which is the justification of interest in membership in the association and the activities that the future member intends to fulfil the purpose of establishing the association. The applicant for membership also sends the completed registration form of the member, extract from the register (business / other relevant registers), basic information about the applicant in the form of presentation / promotional material, references from similar organizations of which he is a member and possibly references from a regular member of the association. A sample application as well as a member’s registration form can be found below. Send completed documents by post to our contact address (Letná 9, 040 01 Košice) and send scan these documents by e-mail.

Upon receipt of the application and relevant documents, a conference interview will be held between the applicant (concerning only business applicants), the executive director of the association and the members of the Board of Directors who wish to participate in the discussion to discuss expectations and reasons for joining the association and a brief description of applicant activities.  Subsequently, the application will be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors of the Association.

In case of questions or more information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@itvalley.sk.


Become our member!

Together we can do more. The synergy of ideas gives our region strong IT potential. We are open to new ideas and visions. Send us your details or call us directly, and together we will select the appropriate type of membership for you.

You can also be proud of your contribution to the region.

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Members of IT Valley cluster are proud of being member and the work that we have accomplished for the industry as well as our region.