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LYNX – spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice

About the company

LYNX – limited liability company Košice is one of the longest-running Slovak IT companies. It has been operating in the information technology market since 1991.

During this period, we have strengthened our position in the market and profiled ourselves as a company providing top services for clients in the field of cybersecurity, as well as design, construction and operation of information systems, networking, comprehensive security of organizations and special applications.

The basic processes in our company are created and managed with an emphasis on ensuring the flexibility of our business activities and for maximum friendliness towards our customer. In our activities, we place permanent emphasis on the quality of all activities. Our company has implemented an integrated management system, which is regularly maintained and evaluated.


The mission of our company is to provide customers with solutions with high added value in the field of information systems security, building ICT infrastructure, technological applications and comprehensive security following the requirements of Slovak and EU legislation, international standards and world best practices.

LYNX promotes the principles of ethical business conduct. In its activities, it adheres to the principles of openness, objectivity, accountability and transparency.


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