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Based on the cluster idea innovations are focusing on supporting position of Košice IT Valley as the accelerator building regional innovation partnerships of IT companies, universities and self-govening institutions. This will contribute to providing wider and more accessible European, national and regional innovation programs and will strenghten the innovation potential not only in the IT area.

It is about complex change – contribution to build functional regional innovation ecosystem of Eastern Slovakia by means of regional innovation strategy of inteligent “smart” specialization.

With regards to the above mentioned, we will contribute to:

  • building a new communication and information platform for supporting the innovations and starting the start-ups, which will enable mapping and dissemination of innovation project intentions and ideas, and using the innovation potential of IT in the region
  • creating the tools to support innovation ideas and their practical use, start-ups, starting innovation small IT companies in Eastern Slovakia region (inculators, financing – venture capital, education in the area of innovations and enterpreneurship, couching, mentoring and the like)
  • creating model of business accelarating using the platform created by ecosystem of University scientific park Technicom (start-up centre TUKE, Incubator, business accelarator of University scientific park Technicom) – system to search and support start-ups and innovation companies (physical environmnent for the starting companies created)
  • creating the model of motivation activities aimed at increasing the interest to study IT (competitions, presentation and popularization activities)
  • forming regional innovation strategy to support IT industry and clusters