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UX online beer #10

✨ Census results Humans of UX

Two months of data collection on Slovak and Czech UX professionals and half a year of intensive processing of survey results have borne fruit!

👉 The goal of the Human of UX project was to find out where we have moved in the last few years. By mapping the Slovak UX market a second time, we tried to capture the trends of its development and also the impact of Covid-19 on our work.

The results of the survey will be presented by ➡️ designer and mentor Miška Kočiová (SUXA) a ➡️ Jitka Bartošová, UX researcher (KISK).

👉 The topics that will be addressed at this event are:

▪️ How the UX community has changed since the last UX census (2017)
▪️ What is the current state of the UX community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
▪️ Subtopics: education, seniority, skills, salaries, tools or trends
▪️ How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected UX professionals
▪️ What else can we learn from the data
▪️ And finally, what we messed up 🙂

31. 3 2022
From 17:00 – 18:00
Košice IT Valley, UX / Košice a SUXA – Slovenská User Experience Asociácia
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