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Project LAB IT Creativity

💻 ✅ Building a healthy relationship with technologies and the skills associated with them was the goal of the Lab IT Creativity joint project, which is supported by the Košice IT Valley association and the Košice self-governing region.

5 county high schools participated in the pilot year, in which 12 projects combining information technology and creativity were created under the guidance of mentors from IT companies and with the help of students from the Technical University of Košice.
➡️ Project 100 from high school students of GPH (Gymnázium Pavla Horov in Michalovce) in cooperation with Fpt Slovakia visualizes the premises of the school using drones, laser meters and virtual reality. Students from the Šrobárova High School in Košice digitized the data of hospitalized patients, which makes it possible to measure elementary data of the human body in a simpler way. At the P.J. Šafárik High School in Rožňava, they keep a snake in an intelligent terrarium, whose autonomous system maintains a suitable environment even in the classroom. You can read about all projects here.

“We perceive that computer and digital literacy is becoming a necessary prerequisite for applying to the labor market, and this need will only increase. In 2030, IT companies in eastern Slovakia will have 30% more employees than at present. The uniqueness of the project is the involvement of 150 students who became mentors for high school students. Deep down, we believe that we will inspire some of them to become computer science teachers,” says Miriama Hučková, executive director of Košice IT Valley.

Part of the project was the construction of IT laboratories at the participating high schools with equipment according to their own needs and the focus they want to develop at the school. The Lab IT Creativity project excited many high school students and helped build a relationship with information technology and programming. 👩‍💻🧑‍💻

Patrícia Sabolová

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