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Women in IT? Informatics is not a gender department, but society raises girls that way

Girls and women face the myth of the complexity of IT for many years. Therefore, many of them avoid computer science faculties or technical positions. Deciding to work in IT is sometimes more difficult than choosing a job in other industries. Many women who are successful in IT today have a lengthy decision-making process in which they have faced the biases of others and even themselves. However, the female element has an irreplaceable place in informatics.

The potential for strengthening the labor market lies in women

IT companies in Košice had more than 360 positions opened in November 2021, some of which they have not been able to fill for a long time. Many organizations today are trying to point out that the hidden potential and strengthening of the IT labor market lies in the group of women. The Košice IT Valley cluster therefore responds to the situation with various support activities aimed at motivating and educating women. 

“It is necessary to refute the notion of working in IT as a synonym for coding and a purely masculine affair. Working in Košice IT offers a wide range of job positions, and we want to show women and explain to them that IT can be an attractive and sensible career choice. ” Miriama Hučková, Executive Director of the non-profit association Košice IT Valley.

April 28, 2022, International Women’s Day in IT, is an ideal opportunity not only to celebrate those who have already discovered the charm of the IT world, but also to encourage everyone else to study and pursue a career in IT.

Based on the analysis of the needs of the labor market in Košice and the experience with the preparation of similar educational events, the non-profit association Košice IT Valley prepared a series of practical workshops. 50 girls and women tried out what it means to program, manage IT projects or test on their own. HTML / CSS, PYTHON or SCRUM are no longer just a random cluster of letters for them. It is these programming languages ​​that are most in demand in the IT job market. The program also included networking full of discussions, where participants learned, for example, about the possibilities of further education and employment, directly from employers in the Košice region. 

If you are considering whether a career in IT would be suitable for you, take advantage of the opportunities that the Košice IT Valley association, together with the leading Košice IT companies, regularly brings.

Source: Index Mag

Patrícia Sabolová


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