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Digital wellbeing

Technology plays an important role in the lives of many people today, but how do we ensure that it improves and does not disrupt our lives? In this article, we will talk about why a healthy relationship with technology is so important, we will remember how you can improve your digital balance, we will offer you tips on attractiveness, as well as advice on various tools to help you build and maintain healthy technology habits. 

People are starting to ask questions about the quality of the time we spend online. How much of this time do we spend meaningfully? What is its added value for our lives? What does digital balance mean and why is it important in today’s world that is constantly online? The essence of the digital balance is to create and maintain a healthy relationship with technologies so that we can make full use of their potential and benefits. 

The main benefits of building a healthy relationship with technology 

In fact, it is a myth that one can perform multiple tasks at once. The only way to be truly productive and present is to perceive every moment intensely and to devote oneself fully to the given tasks. Putting your technology away for a while will help you connect better with the people around you. There are several benefits to a healthy and balanced relationship to technology. 

At work, such a relationship will help us increase concentration and receptivity. When we perceive more, we can work more productively and efficiently at a given moment. Sometimes we think we can handle multiple tasks on our devices at once, but that’s just a myth. In fact, many studies have shown that our cognitive abilities decline relatively over time. People don’t really pay attention to what they’re doing while the screen jumps to the screen. Just think of all the warnings that keep popping up and how they can easily distract us. 

If we want to change something, it is very important to start by forming a vision. What role should technology play in my life? Are there any areas of my life that I don’t want to use? Before you take any type of device into your hands, ask yourself: What is my intention? What do I really want to achieve? 

We usually underestimate how much time we spend using technology. Most of the day are mechanical or subconscious quick checks. According to statistics, we watch mobile phones on average up to 4.8 hours a day, which is about 1/3 of the time we are up during the day. If you really start to monitor your use, you will find a more complete picture of your day and your time on these devices, and you may be surprised at what results you will get. 

There are a number of tools to help you with this. For example, Google Dashboard shows you exactly how much time you spend using each app. There are other great tools you can use to explore your online habits, such as Siempo, Space App, RescueTime. 

How to digital balance? Here are some tips on how to control your digital habits so you can stay focused on the essentials. 

In today’s world, when we are constantly online, storing devices and disconnecting from the Internet can be challenging. Technology is such an important part of our lives that it is unacceptable to say complete disconnection. Here are some ways you can improve your relationship with technology. 

Many technology companies are now launching a new wave of positive digital tools. For example, the Wind Down feature switches the smartphone screen to shades of gray when it’s time to go to sleep, which has been set. An easy to use feature is to switch the device to Do Not Disturb mode. This mode usually blocks all alerts and prevents anything from disturbing you. You can also try saving only the tools on your home screen so that you can only really focus on the essentials. 

If we want to do our job as best we can, we need to focus on it in depth. Scheduling the time you open emails and replying to them will really help minimize the number of alerts and distractions we encounter when working. 

It will take some time to change your digital habits. In the end, however, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this balanced life, the benefits for your physical health, mental state, relationship with other people, and the performance of your job responsibilities. 

Viktória Sanislová


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