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My IT Concerns

The path to your dream job may not be easy. It is often challenging, requires preparation and determination to persevere. Deciding to work in IT is sometimes more difficult than choosing a job in other industries.

However, many women who are successful in IT today, before sending their CVs to an IT company, went through a long decision-making process, facing the prejudices of others or even their own.

How to recognize the opportunities that the IT sector offers us, how not to be discouraged by prejudices, and also where and how to acquire the necessary skills, we will talk about the online discussion entitled My IT Concerns – Do You Have Them? IT Valley on February 15 at 5:30 p.m.

The fastest-growing sector suffers from a shortage of skilled labor

In Slovakia, just over 4% of the population works in ICT and its potential is huge. It brings a wide range of jobs and as one of the more modern industries, it offers employees many benefits and interesting financial rewards. The possibility of career growth, flexible working hours, part-time work, or education is already a common standard. There are many professions offered by this sector. The most popular programmers, but also testers, analysts, data specialists, project managers or product owners, UX / UI designers, scrum masters, and many others. Almost everyone can find their place here. Nevertheless, employers face a shortage of skilled labor and an increasing number of open positions are added daily.

One way to support employment in the ICT sector is to focus on the untapped potential of the female population

In Europe, women make up 18.5% of ICT specialists, in Slovakia, it is only 15.8%. In the Košice region, women make up about 19% of ICT specialists. * Despite the fact that Košice is above the national average, we are still significantly far from the imaginary half. Košice IT Valley has decided to focus on this fact and support women in choosing a career in the ICT sector.

Košice IT Valley organizes educational and motivational workshops for this target group, which bring opportunities and benefits offered by working in the IT sector. They provide practical advice on improving your CV, training opportunities, discussions with HR representatives of companies, whether they represent successful women working in ICT in discussions or in a series of interviews published in the Indexmag.

On February 15, the cluster comes up with a new concept, which also points to the difficulty of entering IT and the concerns associated with it.

Often, women want to completely change their current job focus, for example in finding a job after maternity leave or after graduating from high school or university, and they feel that IT, given its benefits, could be the right choice, but worry and fear of the unknown, are strongly discouraging them from doing so.

,, I was afraid that I had to give up my heartfelt project and my career, I didn’t know if it was the right move at all and if my vision of combining my business and UX skills with technology would be real at all. I had no idea if such opportunities existed.“, says the guest, Baška Klimek, who is currently studying at a second university and also works as a Junior Java developer.

The ideas of women that they are not a technical type, that the study is too demanding, that their qualifications after completing the courses are not sufficient, and many other doubts and concerns had other hostesses, which you can meet as early as February 15, 2022 in an online discussion with Košice IT Valley. 
,,Basically, I had an idea of ​​the IT world as an environment of men’s brains, where women’s logic is perceived as inferior.”, says Veronika Hudzíková, Product owner and Application developer, co-founder of the FaceRehab project, which helps patients with facial polio, which has long hesitated over the study of informatics.

Kristína Dadlíková, Trainee frontend developer, Ambassador for IT, also known as Tinstech, who has completely changed her field and is currently studying and continuing to work on her IT skills through various courses, will also join the discussion. ,,The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was finally making a commitment and trusting myself. That freedom, financial independence, a sense of importance and meaningfulness at work and continuous education are definitely worth it.” 

Participants will not leave empty-handed

Košice IT Valley wants to lend a helping hand to women and make it easier for them to get into IT. After the event, all participants will receive take-away material, which will show them the possibilities of training and acquiring the necessary skills for IT work. Educational organizations, courses, podcasts, and many other journeys have led the industry to many women, including a host of discussions. Part of the event is a draw for valuable training courses of your choice with the organization’s partners, or discount codes for everyone who registers for the event on the Košice IT Valley website.

Košice IT Valley, z.p.o.

The Košice IT Valley Association was established in March 2007 as a joint initiative of educational institutions, public administration, and leading IT companies. In 2012, it was transformed into a cluster. It currently has 60 members, among which, in addition to IT companies, there are universities, secondary schools, the city of Košice, and the Košice self-governing region. The main goal of the Košice IT Valley cluster is to create conditions for the development of the ICT industry and thus help to improve the quality of life in the region of eastern Slovakia.  www.kosiceitvalley.sk 

*Source: Ženy v oblasti IKT, Ženský algoritmus, 2021

Patrícia Sabolová


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