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Regional Innovation Strategy

New understanding of innovations in the recent years in EU has shown the importance of systematic approach and led to more integrated approach regarding the implementation of political meansures in the area of innovations under the umbrella of Lisabon Agreement which proposed a number of changes in order to improve enterpreneurial environment and the development of building the innovation capacity in EU regions.

In this spirit Regional Innovation Strategy of Košice Self-Governing Region (RIS KSK) has been elaborated which focuses on identifying the barriers and opportunities to develop innovation capacity and innovation culture of the region in entepreneurial, academic and public environment. For the programming period 2013 – 2020 RIS proposes priorities and measures for Košice Self-Governing Region with the goal to improve knowledge economy in the chosen thematic fields, including innovation and technology infrastructure.

Regional Innovation Strategy of Košice Self-Governing Region (Slovak language only)