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How to join

In case you are an IT company or a company sharing our values interested to work with us on development of IT industry in Eastern Slovakia, we will be glad to have you as our member or observers.

The membership fees for regular, associate and advanced membership cathegories are set as follows:

  • Observers:
    • Business (Small 1-49 employees, Medium 50-249 employees, Large 250+ employees) 300 EUR/year
      • Business Small 500 EUR/year
      • Business Medium 750 EUR/year
      • Business Large 1000 EUR/year
    • Non-business 250 EUR/year
  • Regular Member:
    • Business Small 1000 EUR/year
    • Business Medium 1500 EUR/year
    • Business Large 2000 EUR/year
    • Non-business 500 EUR/year
  • Advanced membership categories:
    • SILVER MEMBER 4 000 EUR/year including base membership fee
    • GOLD MEMBER 8 000 EUR/year including base membership fee

In case of interest the applicant sends the completed application form, both in Slovak and English language, including description of his interest to join along with the list of concrete activities, with which the organization applying aims to fulfill the purpose of the Associaion. The applicant also sends in the completed member evidence sheet, extract from registry (business / association / NGO / other relevant registry), a short presentation of your organization (ppr/brochure/leaflet/etc.), references from other similar organization(s) the applicant already joined. The templates of application form and member evidence sheet are to be found below. Send us the materials via mail to adress Letná 9, 040 01 Košice, and scanned to the e-mail below.

After receiving the application form and all the other documentation, conference call will be held between the applicant (only applies to applicants from business area), Executive Director and Board of Directors members that will wish to join the call in order to discuss expectations and reasons to join the Association as well as the short description of applicant’s activities. Subsequently the application will be submitted to Board of Directors for approval.

Shall you have questions or would like to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at