Here we come!

One problem – three solutions. Which of them will you like the most? Topic of the first battle is an e-shop. What is more suitable for its development – ReactJS, Angula JS 2.0 or JSF? We gurantee it will be no boring lecture. This is BATTLE, bro!

It is the event asked for (not only) by Kosice IT community and you can looking forward to it. Do you know hip-hop battles and discussion format Pod lampou (Under the Lamp)? Something similar is prepared for you but with the main topic of technologies. See more at or at Facebook

Interested? Read more:

<EVENT  = smashing120 minutes>
<WHEN   = 8_12_2016 04_00_pm>
<WHERE  = Aula Maxima TUKE>
<TOPIC  = web frameworks on the client side>
<TECH   = React vs. Anugular JS 2 vs. JSF>
<GOAL   = 1 assignment (e-shop), 3 top experts / developers and their 3 Solutions but only 1 winner>
<CORE   = discussion, demonstrations and online code>
<CORE 2 = lots of fun>

Besides an interesting moderated discussion and coding demonstration we have also prepared some accompanying activities where you can compete for drone.

Come and enjoy this new event that has never taken place before. You will learn a lot and have a lot of fun!
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