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Strategy and objectives

The vision of Košice IT Valley cluster is creating regional partnership of IT companies, education institutions and regional authorities that will contribute to extension and quality increase of educational programs, creation of broad portfolio of job opportunities for qualified work force and the elaboration of a common strategy necessary for achieving prosperity of the region of Eastern Slovakia and thus ensuring gradual increase of quality of life of its citizens.

We see our mission in creating a business friendly environment stimulating all forms of cooperation and innovation within the region of Eastern Slovakia and thus strengthening the sustainability and competitiveness of IT companies globally. We also see our mission in bringing jobs with high added value to the region in close cooperation of all parties involved. In addition to that it is to offer educational programs needed for these jobs and motivate the youth to study and work in IT and Robotics, and to contribute to elaboration and implementation of knowledge economy and information society strategy using the concept of „learning region “and implementation of digital ecosystems.

The main objective of Košice IT Valley cluster is to create conditions for the development of the IT industry and thus improving the quality of life in Eastern Slovakia.

Our activities concentrate on the following:

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

Over the years focus on education stays as one of the priorities, but scope of the cluster itself has gone beyond. Innovations, research and development and support of collaboration within the cluster and support of investments become an integral part of the cluster, together with acting as a good practice ambassador and strong networker.