Makers had a hard work on the university

Makers had a hard work on the university

During the previous week, the first “Namakany deň”  event took place at the Technical University in Košice. This year’s event is a free continuation of the Arduino day event, celebration of the Internet of Things and the Slovak version of Makers Day.

More than 300 enthusiasts and developers met on May 9, 2018 in the premises of the University Library to work with products such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro: Bit and other tools for Internet prototyping. Event welcomed also DIY makers who wanted to demonstrate their abilities.

“For the participants a rich program was prepared in three sections: Edu, which was mainly focused for teachers; DIY where the participants came to show what they did and Main, where participants talked about various topics related to IoT – the Internet of Things, “said Mirek Biňas – assistant professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and co-organizer of the event.

For those who wanted to learn something, six workshops were prepared. The participants could try the basics of working with the Arduino prototype board, the basics of working with micro: bit-me, or you could try Python in the Minecraft world right on the Raspberry Pi development board.

Events were also interesting with practical demonstrations of the use of the Internet of Things. Teacher of technical subjects at SPŠ Poprad Miroslav Tesař brought a robotic sudoku: “This device recognises the game plan, finds a solution of any difficulty and puts the resulting solution through the positioning system into the game field.”

The students from the Košice High School of Electrical Engineering brought the students Adam Ujházi, Eva Kupcová and Richard Ševc, an intelligent crossroads model that attracted the visitors of the event.

“This event is a great demonstration of the quality of the Technical University in Košice, namely the Department of Computers and Informatics. I am glad that IT companies within the region also strongly support it” ,said Pavol Miroššay, executive director of Košice IT Valley.

Establishing links between high schools and universities is, in its view, the key to defeating the qualitative prejudices among the students in Eastern Slovakia.

“I am looking forward to moving the imaginative quality bar every year and I believe the next year will be even better,” concluded Mirek Biňas.

The Namakaný deň 2018 day was also boosted because it was actively supported by the following companies:  Katedra počítačov a informatiky, SOS electronic s.r.o., NESS KDC, IT Valley Košice, Computer Networks Laboratory, Eastcode Sessions, fpt, IBM, SDAJ, T-Systems, beesli. We thank all these companies for their contribution.




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