New job opportunities in IoT will be created in Košice. Thanks to cooperation between FPT and Siemens.

The exclusive partnership between FPT and Siemens in the IoT area began in July 2017 and has taken one step further. The companies signed a global cooperation agreement in September 2017 and have set the goal to expand cooperation on the MindSphere Industrial IoT platform in two areas. One is the technology development and the second is the development of a skilful workforce.

MinsphereToday, in the so-called Industry 4.0 revolution, FPT and Siemens will jointly work together and provide worldwide solutions (e.g. application development) in MindSphere to help the companies embracedigital transformation and become competitive. At the same time FPT is making plans to create a MindSphere laboratory in cooperation with UPJŠ and TUKE. The aim is to build a skilled workforce in the region to help Siemens customer acquisition and with technical roll-out of MindSphere.

This will benefit practically all industries, as MindSphere is a platform designed to monitor, analyse, evaluate and subsequently manage sophisticated solutions. For instance, it may be used in agriculture, where a drone controlled by an application from the MindSphere platform monitors fields and mobilises farmers if necessary. In the aerospace industry, the data information from sensors placed on an aircraft are evaluated in the Mindsphere platform in order to ensure high safety level and comport in the air transport.

The target of the Strategic Partnership between Siemens AG and FPT Corporation is to assist and help customers from different industries in driving the global Digital Transformation by co-developing skilful workforce and providing Joint Offerings,” said Mr Olaf Baumann, Managing director of Fpt Slovakia. “We already see a great deal of opportunities that really need to be addressed and build the MindSphere laboratory to generate sufficient resources for the upcoming challenges – even here in Kosice!”

mindsphere 2Partnership with experts in this field is welcomed by the universities. The university representatives have already met and held their first negotiations with Fpt Slovakia and Siemens. “Internet of things presents a very promising and interesting extension over the basic IT knowledge and skills,” said RNDr. Gabriel Semanišin PhD, from the Institute of Computer Science, Univesity P. J. Šafárik in Košice. “That is why we want to integrate this topic into IT education at all levels within the framework of the IT Academy – Education for the 21st Century Project. We see a connection with two renowned partners as a great opportunity to successfully meet this goal.”

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